4 Mind Blowing Reasons That Will Make You Fall in Love With Malaysia

Do you know what is the tagline of Malaysian Tourism advertisements? It “Malaysia – Truly Asia” which is not wrong if, to be honest. There are a number of reasons why it fits in the narrative really well and in the context of its multicultural population presents Asia in its full glory beyond a shred of doubt. To visit Malaysia, you don’t actually need a reason as there so many to name that one would just find it hard to keep a count of numbers. The once in a lifetime kind of feel that Malaysia eludes make it class apart from any other place that you could ever visit. There are a plethora of distinctive qualities and innumerable reasons that glorify the place in its most irresistible form.

Malaysia has served as one of the oldest melting points of Asian culture especially the one that transverses through the galleries of South East Asia and East Asia in general. The place is practically located at the mid juncture of South East Asia and has ubiquitous contact with places all around. If you visit Asia and you have not gone to Malaysia, it not be wrong to state that your journey is incomplete and outrightly hollow. Such is the grace of the place that you can sum it into numbers or reasons to entice travellers. By the way how many reasons do you think would be enough? To me, these 4 reasons are alone enough to change your views about the temptation of visiting Malaysia. If you wish to visit the place, you must not miss out n these mind-boggling discounts from AirAsiaGo Promo Code and your flight booked online at the most convenient prices.

Here are 4 Mind-Blowing Reasons That Will Make You Fall in Love with Malaysia

A Marvel of Nature

There are unlimited beauties that Nature has on offer and in Malaysia, Nature has been really kind enough to showcase a labyrinth of exquisite landscapes and incredible sites that mesmerize you with the extraordinary visuals on display. There are multitudes of different natural sculptures which are fascinating and incredibly breathtaking in equal measures. In Malaysia, you can visit some of the best beaches and islands, tropical rainforests, mountainous terrains which are extremely famous amongst trekking and mountain climbing enthusiasts and wonderful waterfalls to captivate your soul.

Continental Culinary

Malaysia is a cultural hub and this amalgam of culture is basically expressed in the culinary delights that are invariably vivid and diverse. Being a home to many distinct cultures has helped the country develop extraordinary varieties of continental dishes from across various traditional cooking styles found in the different parts of the world. Malaysia was always a renowned place for its spice trading along with India and it is no doubt a heavy influence of the ancient interest in spices that have made this place a paradise of food lovers. The best thing about the food is that it is very fairly cheap and readily available in most places. The food you get in Malaysia is unique and can not be found elsewhere.

One-of-a-kind wildlife

As I mentioned, Malaysia has a plethora of dense tropical rainforests and it is obvious to find a variety of wildlife, flora and fauna in such places. Malaysian rainforests are a home to some of the most interesting species of the animal world and many of them are exclusively native to this region alone. There are many forest reserves and national parks developed by the Malaysian Authorities for preserving the incredible wildlife of the region in the most surreal natural habitat and without any human intervention. Some species such as the Tapir, The Binturong and the Pangolin are unique indigenous species that have been evolved in the Malaysian forests.

Extremely Pocket-Friendly Markets

While Malaysia is now a famous tourist destination which attracts thousands of tourists every year, it has become a bit pricier than it used to be in the past. Still, it is easily amongst some of the most budget-friendly destinations of tourism and it is rather a very good option for people with limited budget and lots of expectation. It would certainly fulfil the expectations of such tourist beyond doubt. From the food to the market, everything is very affordable and inexpensive which makes it one of the best places for shopping too. You can find amazing stuff at prices that could leave you stunned, and add to it the fact that there’s scope of bargaining too. Malaysia is an absolute heaven for shoppers.

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