8 Prettiest Makeup Trends You Must Watch Out In 2018!


Great diversity in shades, glitter lips, cat-eyes and holographic highlighters, are few handfuls of makeup trends that you will surely be going to see on everyone’s Instagram and Facebook feeds throughout the year. With ever-changing fashion industry, makeup trends also keep changing and improving to the next level. For those who are unaware of the top prettiest makeup trends that are a huge hit in 2018, this post is for you.

In this article, you will learn about how makeup industry is adopting new and greatly innovative trends to make your look classy, bold and beautiful. There is countless makeup trick that you must know for embracing your beauty gracefully.

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Here’s a definitive guide to the prettiest makeup trends you must watch out in 2018-

1# Smoky Peach Eyes!

Smoky peach eyes eye-makeup trend is the biggest hit in 2018. Millennial pink showing very little signs of life are in great demand these days. Perfect for a day look, blend a warm peach tone eyeshadow over your eyelids and on your lower lash line to get a super soft, hazy finish.

2# Inner Corner Liner!


Dabbing some neutral but easily visible color on the inner corners of your eyes is yet another biggest makeup trend in 2018. Lining the inner corners of your eyes either with black or white eyeliner is a trick that most of the makeup artists rely on to instantly make eyes look more awake and larger. You can even use any shimmery color to highlight the corners of your eyes.

3# Feathered Brows!


Natural, feathery and bushy eyebrows have become the centerpiece in each look these days. A good, sharp brow really uplifts and elongate your face well. If you don’t have a naturally endowed thick brow, then all you need is to simply swipe up a tinted gel back & forth, just like a windshield wiper over it to coat bother the of hair for a fuller look and finish.

4# Glossy And Bold Red Lips!


For if you are seeking for some less caked-up but bold makeup for evening parties, then simply even out your tone and blemishes with a concealer and compact, line your eyelids with a black liner and apply a bold and glossy red lipstick, and you are ready for the party. Providing you a super-glossy finish, a bold red lipstick can be an essential makeup staple for every party if you intend to make your makeup bright and bold.

5# Twiggy Inspired Lashes!


Twiggy and thick lashes is yet another widely preferred makeup trend in 2018 that provides a major 60s vibes. Apply a layer of volumizing mascara and while it is wet gently press the sections of lashes together to get a spiked look.

6# Glitter FLecked Skin!


A slite sparkly glow across the hairlines and forehead is yet another makeup trend that you must watch out in 2018 for sure. Whether you apply a lot or a very little, it all depends on the occasion you are required to apply your makeup. For that naturally but a bit sparkly glow for the day look, dab a sheer layer of iridescent cream over your cheekbones and lids.

7# Rose-gold Highlighter!


the highlighter trend of the previous year has revamped in 2018 with the advent of rose-gold shine. Dab your cheekbones and the eyelids with some rose-gold tone shimmery sparkle and smudge it moving your brush in the vertical direction to get a beautiful rose-gold sheen highlighting your facial features gracefully.

8# Art Deco Cat Eyes!


Even though it is classic, most of the ladies really love the cat-eye makeup trend. In 2018, this makeup trend is definitely having an amazing moment in the spotlight. But note that this time, it is more about shapes and crisp & sharper edges. Rather than sloping the wings of the usual cat-eye, this time it is all about sharp angles in the matte-black tones.

So, these are the top and prettiest makeup trends you must definitely need to check in 2018. Also, enjoy great savings while purchasing branded makeup products online, simply by using Althea Voucher.

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