Travelling To Malaysia? Here’s What You Need To Wear & Shop In Malaysia!

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Malaysia is a wonderful mix of Asian, Indian, and Chinese culture. Once you visit this place, you will be enthralled with the amazing lifestyle and the amazing weather condition. The country has the motto “Unity from Diversity” which states that the warm and friendly people have interesting sights and temples that are perfect for scuba diving, swimming, and fun water sports activities.

So, when you plan to travel to Malaysia then make sure you are ready to face the climate and carry all essential belongings with you to protect yourself from hot, humid, and rainy atmosphere.

Here below, we will give you great suggestion on what to pack in your bag, how to dress up in Malaysia and some helpful travel tips to sustain the weather with open arms. Before digging in the tips, you must book your travel journey to Malaysia from Agoda and get ready to leave for a memorable vacation.

#1. Shorts or lightweight pants

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When you are travelling a place, it calls for being comfortable. Choosing the coolest fabric is not the only criteria to enjoy the heat but you must choose the cotton fabric that is comfortable as well as cosy. Wearing shorts or lightweight pants can be right dress to sustain the winters. But if you prefer to wear long pants then stay away from heavy denims. Since the humidity outside can be quite high and the evaporation cooling doesn’t really serve well here. So synthetic cloth can be the right option to buy to keep yourself dry and cool. Shop comfortable short and lightweight pants online using Aliexpress voucher and enjoy great savings on your purchases.

#2. Short sleeved shirts

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If you are travelling Malaysia during summer months, then you can choose to shop a short sleeve shirt which is most common to wear out. If you are sensitive to the sun rays then you can choose loose long sleeve shirt which will protect you the harmful rays.

#3. A Warm Coat/Sweater/Jacket

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Book your stay in Malaysia using Agoda voucher and get hotels at your preferred location within budget.  If you have already decided to travel on highlands i.e. Cameron, Genting and Bukit Tinggi where it gets chilly in the evening then you must prepare yourself to take warmer clothes along with you as those places are quite cool. Also, some indoor places like malls and theatres are quite cold due to air conditioning, so carry a nice warm jacket or light coat, sweater, or wrap.

#4. Rain Coat/ Umbrella

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As Malaysia is one of the tropical continents, therefore, you may witness rain from the November month to January. To feel secure during the rainy season, you must take an umbrella and a raincoat along with you. The rain gear will keep you safe from the weather conditions. If you do not come well prepared then you may end up as wet from perspiration as the rain. One good thing about rain is that it doesn’t stay for the longer duration, mainly you will witness the rain for less than an hour. So, in case you want to travel you can wait for the rain to stop and then plan an outing.

#5. Headgear

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Visiting Malaysia means you will see the hot and humid weather throughout the year. This means if you have fair skin or don’t like to face the sun then you can bring a hat along with you. As a light breathable material will be a practical choice.

#6. Shoes and socks

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No matter where you plan to travel, it is essential to choose some comfortable clothing. You can slip on sandals, shoes, wedges or slippers and rock the street of Malaysia in style. Wear a shoe that can be easily worn and removed, as, in most Asian countries, people remove their shoes when they enter a religious place or home and easy slip-on footwear is the best option.

So, get ready for the best trip of your lifetime by visiting Malaysia and be prepared by packing up all essential clothing and accessories required!

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