2 Traditional Flowers That You Must Gift Your Loved Ones on the Christmas Eve!

The Christmas is approaching in the next few weeks and it is the time when the whole world rejoice the birth of the holy messiah. The part of the year’s end is one of the best times to be around when you can find the charm and aura of the festive season on its full throttle. The streets are colourful and flourished, the shops are very creatively decorated and the overall atmosphere is filled with the essence of relentless joy which can be only seen in the Christmas season.

With the festive season on its way, it is time to offer gifts to your loved ones and people close to your heart. But there is one aspect of Christmas that one should never undermine and it is the use of flowers and plants. They have always been an aesthetic part of Christmas celebrations and there are genuine reasons for it. Apart from the fact that flowers are always a nice way of decoration, it is also a fact that they are a special part of the festive occasion and have been playing an important role in it. This is also the reason why Xmas trees are considered the most perfect Christmas gifts. But there are many Christmas flowers as well that you must know about. This time, you must try the floral gift of love and compassion and be a part of the memorable history of Christmas. You can order the Christmas flowers using the Flowerchimp discount code to give a memorable gift to your loved ones.

Here are two traditional Christmas fowers that you must know about and gift them to your loved ones…


This is also known as Mexican Poinsettia or Christmas Flower in North America as it has been largely seen as a flower to gift on the Christmas. This flower is usually red in colour and it is very frequently seen in decoration works due to its bright red colour. This flower became a part of the festival due to the fact that it usually blossoms when the Christmas is around and therefore it is available in abundance making it an easily available option for the festive decorations. The star-shaped structure of this flower is seen as the symbol of the Star of Bethlehem.

There is a popular folk tale associated with this flower that associates it with the Christmas. There was a poor child with no money in his pocket looking for a gift to offer to the Christ. He couldn’t afford to buy a gift and therefore¬†picked up some weeds from the side of the pavement. He took these weeds to the Church and as he was about to gift them to the Christ, the weed suddenly bloomed into a bright flower which was glowing with light. Since then, it is believed that a humble gift given with love and compassion is the most precious one in God’s eyes much more than all other expensive ones. This miraculous flower is supposed to be the Poinsettia and ever since then, it became popular as the Christmas flower.

Christmas Rose

The Christmas Rose is usually referred to as Serissa or Snow Rose in the European countries. It is a flower that blooms on the mountainous terrains during the winter season. This flower is associated with Christmas in Central Europe and is used as a gift due to its extremely beautiful and attractive floral structure. This flower has also got a popular legend that links it with the birth of Jesus Christ and a shepherd named Madelon.

Madelon was a shepherd who was tending her sheep in the cold winter night while all other people were running by through the snow-covered paths to offer gifts on the birth of the Christ. People were carrying gifts according to their financial prowess, riches were carrying gold and ornaments, shepherds and farmers had honey, fruits and doves with them. Madelon was weeping in helplessness as she had nothing to offer. An angel saw the poor shepherd wailing in grief and went to her and brushed aside some snow from the ground near her feet to reveal sparkling white flower with a pink tip. This flower was supposedly the Christmas Rose or the Serissa. To gift the Christmas Rose to your loved ones, you can order them using the Flowerchimp Voucher and avail exclusive discounts on your order.



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