3 Islands of Langkawi That You Should Visit in Malaysia

There are a number of beautiful island destinations in the South East Asia and these are apparently the most visited tourist attractions of the world too. No wonder the place is loved by traveller from all over the world for its immaculate sights and galore of scenic landscapes. One such group of Islands is situated in the Langkawi region within Malaysian territories. It is a group of 104 islands which are mostly devoid of human presence and this is certainly the most positive factors of all as human colonies more often than not ruin the natural ecosystem of the place they inhabit. Thankfully, Langkawi has remained an unspoiled gem as an archipelago.

There are a number of reserves in these islands that are protected by the authorities and ensured that these places keep their raw and vivid natural elements preserved for as long as possible. The marine parks and wildlife sanctuaries posses some awesome attractions and breath taking landscapes along with exciting hub spots for scuba diving, terrains for hiking, camping sites and even resorts too. The Langkawi group of island is situated on the western coastline of the Malaysia and it offers one of the best tours for the tourists. You can avail the lowest price tours in Malaysia by using the Klook Voucher and enjoy the splendor of Langkawi on your own customized way. The island hopping is one of the best ways to explore Langkawi and even if you have lesser time at your hands, you could get the best of all by visiting these 3 islands.

The islands around Langkawi appeal to all kinds of nature lovers thanks to verdant jungles, limestone formations and caves, as well as unique wildlife roaming freely. A prominent holiday destination on Malaysia’s west coast, Langkawi has a total of 99 islets and, while most remain uninhabited, there’s a select few that have been transformed into excellent scuba diving sites, protected marine parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and luxurious resorts.   The most popular method of visiting these islets is via an island-hopping tour, which stops at three prominent spots and inclusive of hotel transfers, tour guide, and meals. Private jet-ski tours and speedboat rentals are also available for travellers who prefer exploring Langkawi according to their own pace. Not to be skipped on any first-time visitor’s travel itinerary, read on for our list of the most popular Langkawi islets.

Pulau Payar Marine Park

This is one of the best places for exploring the marine ecosystem and sea diving. The islands has a coral garden in the adjoining sea territories that has a magnificent flourish of colourful coral system and sea animals. There are rare things which exhibit the vividness such as these coral gardens and versatile marine wildlife is equally great too. The area is protected by the authorities which means you can’t do any such thing which is supposed to harm the ecosystem and natural vegetation of this region. The tour of Langkawi Corals covers this beautiful marine park and can be reached within an hour from the Kuah Jetty Islands.

Pulau Dayang Bunting

This is the second largest island which is uninhabited by human beings and still form a fresh natural landscape with a raw and wild appeal intact. This island is considered auspicious for women and there is a local belief about the fresh water lake situated on this island that it offers fertility to the women who take a dip in the waters with the wish of having a child. The island is thereby literally known by the locals as ‘Isle of the Pregnant Women’ when translated into English. The island is a hub of Mangrove forest and there are some unique limestone rock formations too which make it a visual ecstasy.

Pulau Beras Basah

This island possess one of the most scenic beach locations of this region and is a truly exotic place for the travellers. The beach lovers would absolutely adore the stunning views of the expansive white sand beaches, exquisite bluish green waters and phenomenal mountain backdrop. The water surrounding these islands is very shallow which makes it a perfect swimming pool for people of all ages. There are many adventure activities available in the island such as para sailing, jet skiing, banana boating, kite boarding and snorkeling. There are some very small island pieces near this island which are also worth exploring.

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