4 Healthy Groceries That You Should Add To Your Daily Diet

It is not anything unknown that you should eat more vegetables for a healthy diet. It is believed that one should be eating vegetable three times a day in our diet. If you could do so, then it is always going to be the most beneficial and healthy practice towards leading a healthy life.

Although everyone knows that we should be eating vegetables more often, it is rather ignored by most people for petty reasons. To be honest, it is also dependent on the factors such as how can you make sure that you include vegetables that many times in your daily meals. And even if you do eat the vegetables thrice a day, then again it comes to whether those vegetables are healthy or not?

So here we will share with you five type of healthy vegetables that you can easily add to your diet plan. You can get these fresh and healthy vegetables directly from the farm at great prices using this Happyfresh Voucher.

Dark, Leafy Greens

Green leafy vegetables are not just restricted to being used as salads. There is so much more to it and the fact that they are green is enough to indicate the amount of nutrition they host in themselves. Green vegetables are full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and various other nutritious factors that are hardly found in any other eatable food. If you unable to find ways to include green vegetables in your daily diet plans, then try a few easy ways such as making their puree and use them in sauces, soups or as smoothies in meals. This way it would be better to eat as you can develop them into new flavours. Some other ways to include them in your diet is by using them in burgers and sandwiches.

Sprouted Brussels

Most people hate this food for a very obvious reason, its taste. This cruciferous vegetable is a gem when it comes to health as it consists of Iron, potassium and vitamin C in really high quantities. If you are not fond of vegetable due to its taste, then it is not the only option to avoid it. That is all right if you don’t love its taste, but using it as a side ingredient in a way that hides its flavour amidst others. You can use this along with steamed veggies as it dilutes the flavour of this sprouted vegetable. Even roasting it with olive oil can make it an easy to eat without being distasteful as it is presumed to be. Remember, your health is the first priority that you should have from your food so you should give them another try for your own good.


This is one vegetable that most people would be eating but not as much as they should. Peas have a really sweet and likeable taste and the best part is that it is not pungent or strong to suppress the overall taste. It just the most matchable healthy vegetable that you could think of. Peas are a source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibres, antioxidants and much more. The peas are seasonal but are easy to store in frozen form for use during offseasons. The mild sweet nature makes this a very easy healthy option that you should use as often as you can possibly do. Try it with anything and it just goes alright.

Red Peppers

Even though Red peppers are biologically considered as fruit but they are actually used as a vegetable in the practical cooking routines. These are a great source of Vitamins and especially vitamin C which one of the more required vitamins of our body. It also has minerals and antioxidants that help your immunity system. The nature of Red peppers is generally sweet and it goes well with most kind of dishes such as salads, soups, pasta, pizza, burger, sandwiches, curry, stir-fry, tacos and what not. It adds to the richness of your diet in both taste and health so why not use it more often!


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