5 Best Men’s Outfit Ideas To Flaunt This Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and it’s that time of the year when you start prepping up with what to wear and update your wardrobe with some desirable fashion collection. So, whether you are a strong traditionalist or not, it is essential to start the new year on a happy and lucky note. This is the deciding factor of what to wear during this time.

It is the best option to start with choosing desirable clothing that looks great for the occasion. Grab on your red shirt from the closet and be ready to flaunt this traditional colour for New year celebration. It’s the best, bright, bold style statement that should be worn out after careful analysis. This attention-grabbing colour can make one cringe out from their usual style and perfect the day with a right colour choice. Also, Chinese new Year is the ideal time when you can perfect your look and jump on the on the ruby-coloured bandwagon with a subtle and stylish trend.

Fortunately, in this post, we will cover what best style suits best for men. Find out some best outfit of the varied colour range including red and few other lucky colours to make your New Year prosperous.

Find some best style you can shop for the Chinese New Year celebration from JD sports and Zalora. Hope the below style will make your eve more joyous and you could relish in full festive mood.

1. Switch to Patterned Shirts

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To style up pattern shirts, you really don’t need radical change to your standard look but choosing the colour combination and contrast will work for this style.

If you prefer to wear plain shirts and have tried it in various shades of red then you must now switch to a patterned shirt instead! Choose from heavy floral, paisley sketches prints which you can find online using Zalora promo code and get at very low prices.

Being red colour considered traditional colour don’t ignore colours like blue, green and black as these colours are equally lucky.

2. Make Statement with Coloured Trousers

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Don’t just restrict yourself into patterned shirts but try coloured trousers to give your look a style. Yes, instead of just looking for shirts and grabbing your old denim shirts, make your pants make a statement.

To enjoy the adventurous time, go for dark red or khaki colour pants this year. While these colours are neutrals, promising, and can go well with any combination. Wear confidently, a white or grey shirt and fold up the sleeves to get the perfect finish.

Also, if you are daring enough then try a pair of burgundy and black checked trousers and get a more striking appearance!

3. Quickly Update your Look with Suspenders

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Talking about suspenders, they are undoubtedly the best style which can look noteworthy quickly. Find a black pair and update your look in no time. Don’t find those Disney printed ones from your childhood but get a real style like a printed pair would add to the style and make your celebration auspicious time of the year!

Of course, when you are wearing bright coloured pants, it might be a bit too loud but lucky to wear. Opt for a nice black or navy colour shirt that goes along with the pattern of your suspenders.

4. Bowties for Formal Dressing

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To get a formal look, you might prefer choosing a tie but bowties are also totally ‘in’ these days. Shop for a hipster chic vibe that you can definitely get away with and style your crazy look with the right outfit.

Bowties can make you feeling trend with the variety of texture, material, and prints. You have plenty of options to choose from, pick the one suits your taste and colour combination and feel jovia and auspicious for the occasion.

If you’re wearing suspenders make sure that both bowtie and suspenders should be matching of the same colour!

5. Colourful Socks

If you want to style up more and add more colours to the occasion then go for colourful socks. Try sdome unique colours socks by shopping using JD Sports promo code and make your look appealing and noteworthy.

The bright coloured socks offer you discreet pop of colour for the new year celeberation and if you are fashion concious then you might take it off while going elsewhere.

Look dapper this Chinese New Year by grabbing all these items and make beautiful memories.

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