5 Most Popular Types of Sunglasses That Men Love to Wear.

Sunglasses are one of the most common fashion accessories which men use. It is inarguably the most favourite way to keep oneself stylish. The major reason for this obsession of men with sunglasses is the fact that it is not just fashionable but is very practical and purposeful too. The sunglasses are one of the most effective ways to safeguard the eyes from harmful rays of the sun.

With time, sunglasses got modified into a variety of frames and gradually divided into different categories with each having its own distinctive features. Here we will take you through few most popular types of sunglasses that men love wearing. These frames are amongst the highest selling sunglasses that men flaunt. To get the best deals on these sunglasses, use the Zalora Voucher Codes and buy your next sunglasses at the best price.


These frames are one of the most liked frames which were inherently popular amongst the rogue western cowboys of America. The frame comprises of a slim frame with an upper bar that goes parallel to the mid-bridge. The upper part of the frame’s mid-bridge is the distinctive feature which can be used to distinguish this frame from the others. The wider bridge is more preferred as it gives the frame a more classy and symmetric appeal. The shape variations of this frame are called classic, teardrop and square. The Aviators are most commonly used by the long-distance bikers for its effectively larger frame which cover the eyes to perfection. Aviators look great with jackets and jeans. It gives a more appealing and intimidating appearance to a person. The frame looks stunning with dark glasses of green or brown colour embedded in a golden frame. These sunglasses are one of the more trending ones in the concurrent fashion world.


The brow line gets a name for its shape. As the name suggests, the upper rim of these frames is structured in a parallel with the brow line. This gives a more thickish appearance to the eyebrows and certainly has a very genuine masculine feel in it. This frame has the most versatile suitability as it goes well with most attires that men wear, from suits to casuals. The shape of the lens is mostly rectangular and very rarely, oval too. The sunglasses of this type are best suited to men with longer face with perfect cheekbones.


These type of sunglasses tend to have a very subtle geeky design. The frame has been one of the most favoured ones in recent times. These are very strong and sturdy with a good lens size. This also makes this frame usable as with optical lenses too. The frame is very safely designed rim which protects the lenses in case the glasses fall down. This frame has been preferred in larger sizes which obviously doesn’t go down well on people with small faces. The geeky feel makes it one the most versatile frame of recent times and it is thereby used from offices to pubs, beaches to dates, basically anywhere and everywhere one wants. There is no particular attire which can be called a preferable choice because it gets along equally well with all kind of attires.

Hingeless (Rimless)

As the name suggests, these frames lack a hinge which is usually around the joints. This makes them open and they remain open until and unless they are clipped. These clips are specially designed in these frames. It is always better to make sure to get a clipper along with these frames. There is this problem in most of the glasses where the hinge gets ruptured after some time and invariably ends up breaking temple from the joint. This model is a viable solution for such problems. This frame is often referred to as rimless. The absence of hinge makes this frame flexible and therefore it is really smooth and safe. But this model can’t be handled roughly or it will be damaged in no time. These frames can only be rectangular in shape.


This frame is light in weight and very usefully designed for mountaineering. As we all know, mountaineering isn’t a joke because it takes really tough physical fitness and stamina to be a mountaineer. This frame has very curled tip and can entirely fit around rather than resting on the ears. This makes it more stable while wearing and ensures the frame never falls off which is how mountaineers need their frame to be like, thereby gets its name from the word mountaineer itself. These frames are oval in shape for better face coverage.

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