5 Unique Natural Resorts in Malaysia That Are Unbelievably True

Are you fed up with the busy routine of your city lifestyle and want a reprieve? There is no better place for refreshment than the lap of mother nature. When you go for a tour or travel, many of you think to get away from the hectic chaos of the city and escape into a wonderland of sorts. Well, Malaysia is a special place and its hotels are even more special.

While most of the hotels across the globe try to present themselves as advance and modern with everything arranged to perfection in the most luxurious manner they could possibly afford, there are few unique ones too. There are a few natural resorts which have been prepared with such natural empathy that would be hard for you to believe. These hotels are usually built within dense greenery and use natural elements to prepare their structure. To get an experience of such an eco-friendly escape, you can book these Hotels at great discounts using these Hotels.com Voucher Codes. So book a hotel and relish a life close to nature and away from the crowd and noise of the city.

Here are a few such rare Hotels that you would be amazed to know about.

Japmala Resorts

This resort has literally named one its accommodation types ‘Sarang’ which is Malay word that would translate into English as word ‘Nest’. The resort is located in Pulau Tioman. It has somehow managed to carve out the niche choices such as Wooden Houses, Sarangs and Sea Chalets. The resort has committed for the protection of nature and therefore offers people a chance to live in the beauty of nature and experience it themselves. Don’t underestimate the facilities of this resort because it provides all modern amenities along with a private plunge pool too.

Green Acres

This resort located in Balik Pulau is a natural paradise and has its own 16-acre orchard which is grown in the most organic manner for over 50 years. There are 450 durian trees in this orchard and have 32 different variants of durian trees. The resort also offers a tour to the orchard where you can experience the farming first hand. The rooms offered by this resort have enough spaces and provide a nice view of the mountains of the nearby region. This is a unique resort, it truly is…

Malibest Resort

This resort is for any such person who is a beach lover. The resort is situated in Langkawi’s famous region at Pantai Cenang. It is a luxury in itself to wake up on the beach where sea air blows through your face. What an exotic stay! The resort offers tree house accommodations too. I don’t think it is even worth mentioning that you would get a sea view from every room of this resort.

Tungog Eco Camp

This resort is situated in the depths of Borneo Rainforest and has a very mysterious feel to it. The resort is built in form of eco-friendly camps and it is highly engaged in conservation and preservation of the forest environment. This kind of stay can be a complete eye-opening and contrasting experience for any person who is leading an urban life. The resort is obviously surrounded by lush green forest that offers a diversity of wild flora and fauna that is rare to witness.

Permai Retreat

This resort in the eastern part of Malaysia is a complete eco-resort that has all the things that you would expect in a resort and yet it offers the luxury of nature effortlessly. The resort has carefully preserved its surrounding and it has been optimally designed and curated keeping the environment unharmed by its existence. Being at the core of nature, the resort is one of the best places for trekking and hiking lovers.


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