8 Best Face Creams To Revive Your Sensitive Skin!

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Finding a skin care cream for dry, irritable and sensitive skin can be tricky. Since there are various beauty products available in the market that contains huge chemicals and can be harmful to those who have sensitive skin. Therefore, choosing the best skin care cream that suits your skin type is essential for everyone to have younger looking skin for a longer period.

Now, before shopping for skin care cream for your skin, the most important step is choosing the right cream and first be sure that you have sensitive skin or not!

What is sensitive skin?

If you have a sensitive skin then it must be prone to react to certain products or environmental conditions. Yes, when you use some harsh chemicals and products then it gets red, itchy; sometimes stings and burns. So, if you face these types of issues then surely you have a sensitive skin. The most disturbing bit about this kind of skin type is that you have to limit the number of products and choose every product after analysing and researching. Therefore, it becomes a difficult job to choose the right product for your skin type.

Now, after realizing that you have sensitive skin, go online by visiting Althea and shop some amazing beauty products that are good for your skin type. You can choose unique Althea Promo Codes that will help you get these products at discounted prices.

Here are some top listed skin care creams only for sensitive skin!

#1: Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion

This nourishing lotion is best for treating your sensitive skin as well as it is clinically demonstrated to improve the dry skin within one day. You can start applying this cream and will see noticeable change within one day with striking improvement in 2 weeks. The moisturizing lotion is formulated with Colloidal Cereal and rich emollients, which helps in preventing and protecting dry and dull skin for full 24 hours.

#2: Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel

The moisturizer is perfect if you as it helps your skin look younger and for a longer duration. Many dermatologists have developed this formula and created a very useful cream by combining the oil-free hydration with skin-strengthening elements. Shop this from Althea and make your skin soft and lustrous.

#3: Garnier Moisture Bomb 3-in-1 Day Cream

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The Garnier moisturizer is a perfect cream that contains pomegranate extract which easily soothes the sore skin and provides an injection of moisturizer that lasts the whole day. The cream does not have a smell which is again a plus point for those whose skin often reacts to perfumed creams. If you have oily skin then this cream won’t be very beneficial for you as it is designed to provide maximum hydration to provide moisturizer to maximum dry areas.

#4: Elemis Hydra-Boost Sensitive Day Cream

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This cream is quite a right choice as it is very light and easily sinks into your skin. You just need to apply it every morning before applying the foundation. This light cream doesn’t mean you have to apply it more every time you apply it. It has a great strong smell of aromatherapy oils which includes the elements of orange blossom that provides a soothing texture and give a luxury touch. This cream is the right choice if you have sensitive skin.

#5: Aveeno Cream with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal

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Aveeno cream contains all the natural elements, you can apply this cream by applying it all over your sensitive face, even legs and arms too. The cream works pretty well on tough and sensitive skin and any infection. It will easily diffuse oil and sinks in after about a minute or so. Especially if you have dry skin as oil consistency can havoc on oily T-zone.

#6: Clarins Gentle Day Cream

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This is quite a gentle day cream that lets you maximum moisturisation and minimum reside. So, before starting your daily make-up routine, apply it evenly that it lasts all day long. It will sink in cream quickly by giving you generous look that would last for all winter. You just need a very small amount of cream as it is very thick and them easily blend it into your skin. It works pretty well on all types of skin even oily.

#7: Neutrogena oil-free moisturize

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If you want an Oil-Free moisturizer then hands down Neutrogena’s is number one moisturizer. It is even clinically proven that it provides a long-lasting soothing effect on your skin that hydrates pretty well on your skin. No matter your skin type, choose this long-lasting hydration for softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin. It is very light in weight, non-greasy, and sheer, therefore perfect moisturizer that absorbs quickly into your skin without clogging pores or leaving it sparkling.

#8: Cetaphil moisturizer

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This cream comprises an excellent system that helps in providing extra-strength emollients and humectants. It is clinically proven in preventing any moisture loss and in binding the water to the skin. You will get great long-lasting assistance on your severely dry skin.

So, start filling up your shopping cart by choosing best creams and moisturizer for your sensitive skin from Althea!

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