You’d Be Sorry If You Miss These Awesome Malaysia Tourist Attraction!

As they say, Malaysia is Truly Asia. It totally proves with its amazing places. Once you visit Malaysia, you will be mesmerized by its wondrous beauty.

Malaysia is one country where as soon as you step in, you will get to encounter the best of what Asia has on presentation. It is multicultural, provides you with a sight of the heritage of Chinese, Indians, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries as well. There is a great scenic beauty that attracts everyone, including the beaches, mountains and flat glistening cityscapes such as Kuala Lumpur. The country welcomes all travellers with both arms wide open from across the world, offering them delicious food, indulging them with a buzzing shopping synopsis and conventional spas.

To experience all this, get ready to have a fun-filled holiday in Malaysia and plan everything well in advance of the place you will travel. As in a hurry, you might forget to travel some most popular and astonishing place, which you will regret afterwards of not visiting.

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So, after you reach Malaysia, here are some places and things you must see on your trip without skipping!

Get Fascinated With The Langkawi Island!

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Visit the beautiful archipelago, Langkawi Island where you will see some exotic thing around and is also one of the popular destination known for its vast range of sandy beaches and sky-blue blue water which fascinate every tourist.

Make sure you’d try some adventure things like famous Cable Car that is popular among kids, as well as, adults. The Langkawi Geopark is a UNESCO heritage site that is also a must visit as it attracts a great bounty of visitors and is, unquestionably, top-ranked among the must-visit places in Malaysia. Mark this place as your perfect demonstration of the geological culture in the area.

Look The Charming Corals At Perhentian Island!

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The next best ideal spot in Malaysia is a group of charming, coral-fringed islands – the Perhentian Island. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most remarkable island that is located approximately at a distance of 19 km away from North-eastern Malaysia.

You can enjoy some great places there like the marine park where movements like fishing are rigorously forbidden. You can enjoy the transparent slight waters near the coast. These will simply make your day and allow you a perfect response to the unusual corals at this popular visitor place in Malaysia.

Visit The Historical Site Melaka!

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In 2008, Maleka accomplished the Unesco Heritage Site station and became one popular and must-see places in Malaysia. From that time, Melaka was preferred by most of the tourists and also easily reachable just 2 hours distance apart from Kuala Lumpur.

Melaka is unique, also known as the most famous trading ports of Southeast Asia. Its antiquated architecture let you have a great time as it speaks great volume about it’s about its erstwhile grandeur. Explore in some popular places like baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum if you are a history buff and would love to know more about the Malays-Chinese local history and surely this place is not to miss.

Enjoy Water Rafting in Perak!

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If you want to enjoy the water rafting then you can visit Perak which is located just one and a half hour away from Kuala Lumpur. It is a big adventurous tourists spot that offers the thrilling experience of water rafting in Perak.

Also, the water rafting takes place in the Ulu Slim River, which is perfect for Grade 3+ rafting activity. If you want to enjoy the water adventure with excellent equipment, then enjoy the available waterfront like rafters at this famous tourist attraction in Malaysia.

These are the top four places and things to do and see in Malaysia which you surely shouldn’t miss to do!

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