The Best Adventurous Things To Do In Macau Only In One Day!

When you hear the word Macau, you may think of it as a gambler paradise, the casinos or the Daniel Craig in Skyfall but in reality, you may not know much about Macau. It is actually more than just glitz, glamour and gambling flakes. Because of its vicinity and closeness to the country Hong Kong, many people prefer to visit Macau as a day trip; but we greatly believe that it is more than that.

If you wish to explore Macau at its best on just one day, you must make a tight schedule and plan out some great things to do including exploring places like Sun Yat Sen Park to Macau Fisherman’s Wharf and the munch on some great street food!

This small seaside region (within 12 square miles) is one great cultural melting pot attracting people from varied fields and people visiting the place all year round. The alliance of the Asian destination and the Portuguese culture make Macau one fascinating place where one can wander around and make some delicious fusion food! Of course, the place will let you gamble your heart into some delightful pleasure along with the best day on the charming beaches.

Look here some best adventurous things to do in Macau besides getting involved in gambling at casinos. Get ready for a joyous ride by booking these adventurous things from Wonderfly and Klook.

Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

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If you wish for some fun time in Macau then plan ahead to the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf and experience great entertainment near the Hong Kong to Macau boat pier, a place full of restaurants, cafes and retail stores.

The place opened in the year 2005 mainly opened after a bunch of similar seaports in Cape Town and Amsterdam. Also, if you wish to spend your days better then you could plan out to go to the theme park! Explore the theme parks best spots by booking your tours and itinerary in advance from online using Wonderfly voucher and enjoy a heavy discount.

Munch On Best Street Food

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Macau is one best country having an eclectic mix of Portuguese and Chinese societies. There are many culinary delights that made Macau simply extraordinary. Whether the egg tarts to beef jerky to dehydrated fish, it is way too easy to just snack out all day and enjoy munching around the streets.

There are some great world-class international restaurants opened recently around a peninsula, but if your aim is to travel in the budget then it can be easy to find great cheap bites to munch whole day.

Bonus tip – On Rua Do Cunho, you could get free samples of cookies, jerky. and other items by collecting it while walking down the street accumulating samples until you are satisfied!

Explore Macau’s Beach

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Yes, you read that right – beaches! Macau has some well known beautiful beaches named as Hac Sa (Black Sands) Beach on Coloane Island, though this beach might not be the world-class best beach but if you are craving for some best time in China then you can visit this sandy beach within your toes and head out to the coast for one day in Macau.

Notwithstanding the name, the government has chosen the beach with beautiful yellow sand that keeps preventing the erosion, and makes a more picturesque surrounding than it was earlier!

Bonus Tip – You can explore the Hac Sa Beach for free. There are some cafes and bathroom facilities nearby, which means you can stay in a tent and experience the best options in the city. 

Sun Yat Sen Park Macau

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Sun Yat Sen Park in Macau is another great spot where many people love to visit. It is the massive urban park spread across 17 acres in the northern portion of the island. One can do here lots of exciting things including Sun Yat Sen Park and walk around the whole day or night you wish.

Among the best things to do there, Feng Shui Forest is also a great option to visit with the open-air theatre, an old gate that marks the official entrance to Macau. Or you could grab a photo of the two hands shaking in the centre area of the park.

All the above places are some best options you could do in Macau besides just involved in gambling at casinos. Book your adventure tickets and tours using Klook voucher and enjoy all these above places tickets at a slashed price.

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