The Best Neighborhood Locations To Look for Hotels In Malaysia.

When we go to a place and end up at a hotel falling in a cluttered location, we tend to judge the place badly. While visiting a place, it is not a good idea to judge the place just for the location you stayed at. It is rather advisable to choose a neighborhood of choice yourself. That would make things easier and your visit would automatically feel more at ease. Although I personally feel that there shall be a more extemporaneous approach to it, then not every person would endorse the same views. Few people want it more comfort-oriented and suited to their personal preference which isn’t wrong actually.

So here are a few delectable neighborhoods that you can choose from when booking a hotel in Malaysia. You can choose from these areas which carry a different flavor in themselves and you can easily choose one to your own taste. So this will allow you to select from the best locations in Bangkok for your stay because not just the hotel, the neighborhood stands just as important as anything else for a better experience. There are many good hotels near around and you can easily find the best deals on your favourite hotels with the help of promo codes.

Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC)

Malaysia, Kuala lumpur, Petronas Towers

KLCC is quintessentially the business hub of this country, that hosts all kind of business offices and outlets from a variety of sector. If you are on a business trip, this area has to be the ultimate go to place for Hotels. Apart from this, you get to see the famous Petronas Twin Towers which is popular for its infrastructure worldwide. There are some really great places like the science museum, a philanthropic harmony hall, the KLCC park which is ultimate  location for selfie lovers and the Convention Center. One thing you must keep in mind, this place is for high end shoppers only.


This area is basically dominated by the Indians and that is evident from the lavish display of colours, clothes, jewels, and spices. If you know about India and its attributes you can’t help but say that this place is mini India of sorts. The place is a bit congested than other places and you will be all but fizzled if you can’t cope with such congested localities. Although there are a plenty of good restaurants and they serve tantalizing Indian dishes moulded in Malaysian Culture, to say the least. And yes, don’t forget to go out for shopping in this cheeky Indian market for some really handy but cheap goods.


It is one of the most affluent suburbs in the region with a plethora of hipster cafes. It is a cosmopolitan area which has disguised form of artistic tangibility that is evident from its art galleries, boutiques, and other modern urban dwellers. The area has still revived a local charm and it feels as this marketplace isn’t primarily catering to foreigners or tourists as such. If your major food freak, this area is just meant for you as it offers most amazing kind of cuisines that include delightful local renditions on the cuisines originally not from this place. Of course, there are many traditional cafes which offer food to local tastes but innovative renditions stand out for sure.

Pasar Seni

This is the area which most Malaysian would proudly call as a cultural hub for themselves. Pasar Seni is the traditional Malaysia in its genuine state where you can find many olden shops selling local products from the aesthetically diverse native cultures of the country. Then there is Petaling Street for some exotic shopping experience with specialty shops that give a perception of having some hidden treasures within them. The street is also a hub of local street food and there are aplenty of things that you can try to excite your taste buds.

Bukit Bintang

It is the main retail center of the city and is the highly popular retail center of many internationally famed franchises and prestigious luxury brands. There is everything from food to fashion and you can experience a happy enjoyable evening shopping from versatile stores of all sorts. There are many cheap and tasty food outlets out there and avoiding them isn’t a great idea to be honest. So gear up for a fun evening with your friends or partners and enjoy it.


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