Yummy Sweets & Desserts You Must Try In Malaysia!

Malaysia is known for many things, it is known for its amazing attractions, its unique culture, its friendly people and most important its mouthwatering delicacies. When it comes to cuisine, Malaysian food is always ranked right on of top of the list every time. If you are a foodie and love exploring more about different-different cuisine then, here’s write-up about Malaysian sweets and desserts which you must try for sure at least once.

Whether you live in Malaysia or on a holiday to Malaysia, there are some of the best sweet dishes and desserts listed below which you must try. From cupcakes to cookies to gooey candy-like sweet, you will find a lot of variety of sweets and desserts over here that are absolutely tasty and delicious.

So, if you want to savor your sweet tooth with some really delicious and yummy sweets or desserts, then simply scroll through the list and taste all of them. Since Malaysia is a foodie paradise, you can find all the dishes mentioned below almost all street stalls and fancy restaurant. And if you wish to get them delivered to your doorstep, all you need is to order them online and enjoy while saving huge on every purchase using Fave voucher. Now, check out the list-

Apam Balik!


A classic Malay sweet dish, Apam Balik is the most popular one. Available in two varieties, one in sticky, thick, cake-like consistency filled with crushed peanuts, often served with drizzling gooey honey, and sprinkled juicy, salty-sweet corn and the other one in thin, crispy wafer or pancake-like variant filled with chopped peanuts and creamed corn. Apam Balik is really light and tasty snack found at various street vendors.



If you want to try something chewy and soft, then you shouldn’t miss trying Dodol. Dodol is yet another sweet dish which is not only famous in Malaysia but is also popular throughout Southeast Asia in – Singapore, South India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Burma, Sri Lanka and Brunei. It is toffee-like gooey and creamy candy made of jaggery, rice flour, and coconut milk as the main ingredients. Dodol is a thick, non-sticky and deep-golden brown in color delicacy which is often served in smaller pieces.

Kuih Lapis!


Probably an iconic dessert of Malaysia, Kuih Lapis is a must-try sweet dish which is impossible to dislike. It is steamed nine-layer rice-flour pudding often served in many tantalizing shapes, sizes, and colors. It is made of tapioca flour, coconut milk, coarse sugar, pandan leaves and rice flour. Kuih Lapis is the most popular dessert and so you will find it with almost any vendor.

Ondeh Ondeh!


Yet another quintessential Malay delicacy which you must try is Ondeh Ondeh. Look similar like a neon-green tennis ball coated with santan (coconut kernel), Ondeh Ondeh is made from either sweet potatoes or glutinous rice flour. It is sometimes also called coconut poppers. The brown, gooey palm sugar core of Ondeh Ondeh acts like a sweet contrast to the green glutinous rise coating.

Pisang Goreng!


A favorite tea-time snack for most of the Malaysians, Pisang Goreng is a traditional banana fritter made by frying coated bananas for a couple of minutes and then served either with toffee sauce or ice cream. The savory and sweet taste of crunchy exterior and the soft mushy core is the best thing about this sweet dish. Pisang Goreng, being the popular sweet snack in Malaysia, can be found at almost all street stalls as well as fancy restaurants.

So, these are few must try sweet dishes which you must try for sure while you are in Malaysia. Whether you live in Malaysia or had gone on vacation over there, you can even order these sweet dishes online and that to at great prices by simply using Fave promo code.

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