5 Reasons To Why Plan A Trip To Malaysia This Summer Holidays!

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Gorgeous Beaches, Tropical Rainforest, Sumptous Food And Vibrant Cities, Malaysia Is All About These!

Populated by the blend of Malays, Indians, Chinese and other indigenous groups, Malaysia holds a rich cultural heritage, from wonderful cuisines and varied annual festivals to rural crafts and traditional architecture.

Captivating cityscapes, breathtaking & widespread tea plantation and a traditional island life, Malaysia in simple words, is truly amazing and you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

This summer holidays, if you are planning to holiday to some exotic travel destination which is a place of astonishing diversities, then Malaysia is simply a perfect place for you to visit. From the wonderful amalgamation of pristine beaches of Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur’s buzzing cosmopolitan life, it is a place where the world of scenic rainforests combines towering skyscrapers, mega shopping districts and the sparkling casino life at Genting Highlands.

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Now, when you know, where to go to avail great travel deals and discount, let’s have a look at some of the major reasons to why you must plan your vacation to Malaysia this summer holiday season-

1# Because Of Its Pleasant Climate!


If you intend to visit an exotic tourist destination with tropical and pleasant climate round-the-year, then this would probably be the major reason to visit Malaysia. The weather is ideal for a wonderful beach vacation from January to December, and you will experience abundant rainfalls anytime.

2# Because Of The Incredibly Rich Wildlife!

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Malaysia is a country with the widest variety of species of animals and plants in the world. To understand that how great the biodiversity of the country really is, you must know that the territory of the country, including territorial waters and water basins, comprises of over 20,000 species of plants and animals, some are endemic and some that couldn’t be found anywhere else except here. It is a home to some rare species like Asian rhinoceros, leopards, orangutans, Asian elephants, tigers and many more.

3# Because Of Its Pristine Beaches!

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With its breathtaking natural beauty and pristine coastline, Malaysia has earned a reputation for being the most attractive beach holiday destination of the world, today. With its tempting golden or snow-white sandy beaches and pleasant temperature, the country has become one of few places you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

4# Because Of Its Dynamic Metropolitan – Kuala Lumpur!

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Being the largest and the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is widely famous for its modern cosmopolitan lifestyle and iconic structures. With over 7,200,000 people living in the metro area and 1,768,000 population living in the Federal Territory, this bustling city of Kuala Lumpur is simply an amazing place to visit as well as explore. Offering an extremely specific amalgamation of historical buildings and monuments with high-rise skyscrapers and traditional architecture, there is an endless number of option to explore. Petronas Tower, rising 451.9 m high and is an iconic symbol of the city, the twin towers were the highest buildings in the world until 2003.

5# Because Of Its Delicious Delights!

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Yet another major reason to why you must travel Malaysia at least once, especially if you are a foodie and love to taste varied flavors and cuisine. Popular for its out-of-this-world, lip-smacking cuisine, you get to taste some really good and authentic local cuisine. Spicy, delicious and different, are the words that can best describe the Malaysian delicacies. Nasi Lemak is a must try dish over here.

And, that’s a wrap to the major reason to traveling to Malaysia this summer holiday season. Hopefully, by now you must have understood that why you must holiday in the exotic travel destination this year.

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