If You Are A Nature Lover, You Will Love The Destinations!

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Already 3 months are over until the New Year has knocked the travel walls, have you yet not planned anything for your travel month?

9 months are still at your disposal, it is the time to make travel plans. To start with, the first plan out the places you are wishing to explore. We all have the bucket lists filled with the places, you’ve always wanted to visit, but choosing a place can be quite a challenge.

But, the way hi-tech life is giving you the variety of gadgets & tools the same way you are also provided with the opportunity of booking an affordable and a reasonable travel.

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Here are the few enlisted destinations for your 2018 travelogue.

Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado, USA

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Does the history fascinate you? If you really need to know and explore the history of the earth, then this is an amazing site that is a must visit and also gives you the glimpse of the existence of Dinosaurs. Yes, the history will repeat and you can find the pieces of the existence of the animal, which is a long way back declared extinct. Not only this, you can also witness the nature in its true form of abundant beauty as you can find fossils as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna along with other archaeological wonders that make this location extremely unique.

Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, China

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The location where you will witness the made up of red sandstone, which is a wondrous and a magical natures creation. It is said that the complete view is created by the erosions of these rocks, which gives a proper signature look. This is surely an amazing natural wonder, that becomes a must visit for the travelers. This beautiful sight is discovered at Zhangye Danxia Geological Park, located in China, you can grab the best of the deals from Trip.com Malaysia.


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If you are too much keen to witness the aquatic life, then what could be better than going into the Pacific ocean and experiencing is the popular and one of the best snorkeling, where you can come also come across a unique shark sanctuary, rock island, coral reefs and lagoons that are the major attractions if you are visiting the aquatic life.

So, hope you have made up your minds and planning for a good vacation with the smart deals from Trip.com!

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