The Best Time To Shop Everything On New Year 2019!

Best items to buy during the first six months of the New Year!

Trying to save money in 2018? You don’t have to cut back on your shopping, here’s a guide for you on which month to shop during the first six months of the new year and save a hefty amount! Mark all your must-buy items now before the new year begins!

When a new year begins, it brings joy and a new expectation for the new year. From planning out how to celebrate the eve to looking after what to shop, it is quite a stressful task that needs to be done with full preparation, so why not start planning for it before the new year starts and make your shopping budget in advance.

Here’s an idea: Choose to buy all that you love and need, but pay less money for them.

Sounds complicated? It’s absolutely not. Look below best product deals which will be right for you to buy. Choose a holiday season, when there are major sales and bonus available when you can score free stuff.


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When the new year starts with fresh deals of items for sale, there are few items that are available for a discount for sales. The best items to buy at a discounted price in January are:

  • Bedding and linens. Probably, the best item to buy on sale is home essentials like beddings and linens. In January, there will be a huge sale time, you can choose AliExpress where you will get great deals online on home essentials such as on sheets and towels.
  • Fitness equipment. The retailers probably know the best time when you get in your best shape. During the January month, you can expect great fitness equipment available at a huge discount and sale at goods stores.


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This is the month of love and gifting and none can be a better time to buy major items for your loved ones than during February. Here are a few options to buy include:

  • Winter Clothing. When the winters are about to end, during the February month, there are many winter clothing collection like coats, boots, sweaters and scarves available at a great discount. It’s the best time to renew your tattered winter coat at about 50 per cent discount or more.
  • TVs and electronics. If you are looking to buy any electronic items then you will get really great deals. Senheng offers great discount TVs and other home-theatre essentials.


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March is the time when not many people plan to go for a holiday this means there will be a lack of sales on travel bags and luggage. Therefore, you can look for luggage deals on discount.

  • Luggage. Use AliExpress voucher and shop for summer travel luggage deals. New luggage fashions come in March in expectation for summer travel so you can find some great deals on last year’s suitcases and luggage. 


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April month has fare deals of Spring deals and discounted deals include:

  • Vacuums. Buy a good vacuum cleaner available using Senheng voucher and enjoy some exciting purchases, you can shop during April month and look for markdowns at department stores as well as online stores.


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April mists produce May flowers and thereby increases the sale blossom. Here’s a breakout at some of the best items to buy during this month:

  • Spring apparel. When the May month begins, there are many retailers that offer spring clothes at a discounted price for a month or two.
  • Small Appliances: Shop during the Memorial Day sales and find out some best deals available on washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ovens.


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June is shorter months of the year, but it is an opportunity to capture some best deals online. You can make smart purchases on items including:

  • Lingerie. During the June month, you can stock up on undergarments available on huge sale. The sale usually occurs in December month and June month.
  • Gym memberships. There is no doubt that Gyming membership is available at a great discount online on summer months. Choose to buy a gym membership and be sure to bargain for the best deal.
  • Movie tickets. If you love watching movies then do not ignore June month to enjoy a good movie. During the summer months, several movie theatre chains offer some movie programs, which normally include cheap tickets.

With a new year coming up, grab all these best deals during the first six months of the year and save huge on your shopping!!


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