Ticwatch Pro Is The New Wear OS Smartwatch On The Block!

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As people are becoming tech savvy on the go, this has made the makers of smartwatch a sense of relief to invent more designer watches and to make the people more relaxed and easy. A smartwatch helps a person in making their life simpler and also get the phone notification on their wrist; thereby this allows the users to stay fit and updated with the smartwatch.

With the recent launch of Ticwatch Pro on 25th May 2018, the technology has moved one step ahead. This Ticwatch Pro is trying to include a twist, the watch offers a second screen that rests on top of the smartwatch’s central display. Both the screen offers the best features, but bot the screens cannot be used at the same time. You need the main display that will turn off to save energy and allows you to let the low-power top display remain on and show the time. Also, if you get really low on battery, you can easily turn off most of the smart features for days using the second display.

So, if you are a tech-savvy and prefer to buy smartwatches then Ticwatch is available with a latest smart featured device that must be on your wrist now and complements you gadget freak personality.

When you have made your mind to shop this latest smartwatch, do not forget to use the Ticwatch promo codes. This discount code allows you to shop the watches at affordable and reasonable prices.

Here are some of the exclusive feature available of the new Ticwatch Pro that you should know before you buy it.

OLED display running Wear OS as normal

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The latest Ticwatch pro comes with varied features and the first one being the OLED display. It is quite a communicating watch that runs on OS as usual. When the watch is rested idly on your wrist or you’ve manually switched the screen off, you’ll see a transparent display that will show you the time and some other few metrics such as your step count and heart rate.

The phone will offer a display that will help you in actively selecting which display to use. You can choose from shifting seamlessly between the LCD display and the OLED screen when it wants to.

NFC, the trademark built-in GPS

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The center of the TicWatch Pro is a great brand that offers standard patron which allow you to wear OS smartwatch on the go. It’s kind of chunky, and it can make NFC payments, track your steps, and monitor your heart rate. Thereby, it allows you to be on the go and tech savvy.

You can make the call on “Essential Mode”

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There’s one other big feature Mobvoi that has enabled using this second screen i.e. you can easily switch the watch to a constant low-power state and can easily view some basic stats and time. You can easily activate the “Essential Mode” and can activate the call. The Ticwatch Wear OS division of the watch undividedly shuts itself off, so that you can see the top display.

Ticwatch Pro is at an affordable price

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In the late summer, you will get some exclusive offer of Ticwatch and can get at under $300 in the later dates of this summer. You can also choose Ticwtach voucher codes that will allow you to get more attractive deals and offers and thereby you can shop at more affordable prices.

So, do not forget to use these exclusive codes that will allow you to save more. So, keep on visiting the website and as soon as the offer comes, grab these trendy latest designer watches for yourself.

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