Top Four Things That Make Malaysia One Ideal Travel Destination!

As they say, “Malaysia is Truly Asia”!

If you are out and about planning to have a vacation that treats you fully relaxed and contented then tripping to Malaysia is the best decision to take. The country promise to offer amazing time and let you focus on what you like.

To have the best experience on your trip, it is recommended to spend time in both Eastern and Western Malaysia and go deep into the rainforest and enjoy the watersport in islands for a satisfying experience. Also, you could indulge in trying the local cuisine (enjoying the lemon tea bing and char kway teow from local corner shops), greet the ‘man of the forest’ in Malay, dive with whale sharks and greenback turtles without spending your time sitting and enjoying the sunset look in the South China Sea and grab a coconut in your hand to feel the environment!

Most people from Asia love visiting Malaysia and its popular cities. According to the travel booking portal, Agoda, it is recorded that Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia were among the third most booked city and country buy tourists in Asia for travel.

Though deciding the best things to do in a new country and can be hard for those who are not a local resident. Here’s an ultimate list of adventures and best things to do in your vacation and have fun without burning a hole into your pocket.

1. Reach on Top of the World at Petronas Twin Towers

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Petronas Twin Towers is one popular and tallest landmark in Kuala Lumpur. But while travelling to the destination, you could plan a more fun trip by exploring the Petronas and see the sky bridge located in the middle of the twin towers. The view from the top of the tower can be one best view of the city.

So, make sure you book your journey to Malaysia in advance and buy tickets to sky bridge in advance using Agoda voucher code. The interesting thing about the journey to sky bridge is that it uses an elevator of 41 seconds and transport to another realm.

2. Meet the orangutans, proboscis, & the crab-eating macaque

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We know that 20% of animal species in the world live in Malaysia. The monkeys, apes, proboscis are quite adorable and as a traveller, you must not miss out this site. If you are planning to fly to Sandakan on Borneo, then do take time out and visit the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre, where all the local animals are taken good care of and help them go back in nature.

To visit and meet the species, enter the centre from 9am-4pm and feed the animals every day at 10 am and 3 pm.

3. Perhentian Islands will pacify your mind

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If you are a person who cannot complete your holiday trip without visiting beaches and island then in Malaysia, you can visit the Perhentian Islands recognised for having some of the lovely beaches in the world.

Perhentian Islands are a popular island that has two main islands that truly makes two ideal spots among travellers. Make your visit to Kecil (‘small’) and Besar (‘large’). Kecil is the number one choice among backpackers whereas Besar has a slight calm atmosphere and offers higher standards of accommodation to couples and newlyweds. Both these islands are the best place to enjoy where one can find sandy beaches, coral reefs, and turquoise waters. Book your Malaysia package tour trip now from Wonderfly by using unique Wonderfly voucher code to enjoy booking at reasonable rates. By booking it early, you will feel confident on your trip and spend time with turtles, beautiful reef fish, clownfish, jellyfish and small sharks.

4. Taste the local food – You won’t regret it!

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Lastly, on your trip, do not forget to indulge in the local food in Malaysia. There are some small shops in the corner that offer great food and look cheap too. You could hang out with the locals so to find the ideal shop that offers the best Malaysian cuisine food.

The Malays know all the good spots as they prefer to go out at lunch and dinner almost every day. Do try the  Char kway teow, laksa, chicken satay, and nasi goreng on your trip to feel the true Malaysian taste. For drinks, Milo is the local chocolate drink, lemon tea, and 100PLUS is a hit. In Kota Kinabalu, visit Gaya Street during Sundays as the chef prepare some relishing flavour of homemade noodles each morning that start your day with cheer.

Hope, the above interesting things to do have made you in awe of Malaysia. So, organise your trip to this beautiful country and prepare for unlimited fun.

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