Why You Should Buy An E-Paper? 3 Myths People Have About E-Paper Display!

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When we start to notice that we need to stay updated, we feel the need to read newspapers. Yes, newspapers are the easy way to get information about important news and stay updated. One of the important and easy ways to read useful information is something on the go. Yes, with everything becoming digital we hardly get time to read newspapers daily and most of us started to shift to E-paper.

What is E-paper?

E-Paper is also known as electronic paper or electronic ink display. They are first invented in 1974 by Nicholas K Sheridon, it is a display unit that mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Electronic paper is a bit different than normal display unit as they reflect the light just like a paper which doesn’t cause strain on eyes. An exemplary e-paper display can be read in direct daylight without letting the image to fade away.

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In other simple words, the electronic paper display will have same crispness and high-readability when you write something on a paper with a pen.

Why you should buy an E-Paper?

E-paper has become quite in demand with absolute no unnecessary negative response. It is proving to be a platform where you can perform some unbelievable and versatile projects. But a question still forms that how does it work? In the introductory paragraph, we have explained about E-Paper that how you can use it without any difficulty.

Now, if you are ready and want to know how the technology delved. Then, you should know that E-paper is just like any traditional paper that can be converted into everything from origami to paper. We prefer buying E-paper because of its amazing characteristics such as excellent perceptibility, paper-like readability, and extremely low energy consumption compared to phones and other digital devices.

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If you are now ready to buy it, then it is essential to choose a good platform that offers every service of e-paper. You can buy one of the high-quality electronic paper from Senheng, as it offers some of the amazing discounts and Senheng Promo Codes that makes easy for you to shop at reasonable prices.

Debunking Three Biggest Myths About E-Paper

This plastic e-paper displays have been around for a while now. They are used in retail shops and digital signage, schedule at bus stations, electronic billboards, smartphone displays, and e-readers display on books and magazines. But, despite the people using these displays on a regular basis, there are still some myths and misconceptions about the technology.

Here are top three myths decoded that will help you understand and recognize why e-paper is becoming such a popular choice for product designers and other people.

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Myth # 1: Plastic E-paper is available only as customized products

Many product designers use e-paper as bespoke and customized products which are very high cost and need to buy at large volumes. But, the fact is that electronic paper offers a wide choice of off-the-shelf in varied sizes.

Therefore, if you want to buy a one, you can get your desired size available that is cheaper, faster and easier for your business.

Myth # 2: You lose the data when battery runs out

One of the greatest myth most of the people hold that just like LED display when power supply stops the display becomes blank, electronic paper has the same flaw. But, it is untrue! An electronic paper display will remain as same even if you switch off the power supply and also it will not consume much battery too.

Therefore, if you are reading something important and you have loaded that page, then you can easily read it without feeling the pressure to lose the data.

Myth # 3: E-paper is difficult to read in Sunlight

Now, as we have already discussed this characteristics of E-paper in the introductory paragraph that electronic display units are very easy to read in sunlight because of its reflective screen. The dark areas absorb the sunlight, while the lighter areas reflect it, hence emerging a clear and visible image.

Therefore, electronic paper is the easy and instant way to read something even at the direct sunlight without competing with the brightness of the sun.

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Researchers have found that in next few years this technology can overpower the paper leading us to think of a paperless world.

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