3 Latest Electronic Gadgets That Created a Lot of Buzz!

The technology is improving at a pace that is hard to catch up with. In a world of technology where innovations and updates have become a norm, it is really hard for new inventions to attract people unless it offers some unique out of the box solution for ease of human being. There are many high tech devices and gadgets that have failed to survive in the market even when they really had no direct competitor or a rival product to cope with and this in itself tells the whole story of how difficult it can be for even the biggest brands to reciprocate a desired interest in the market. Even the products of Google, Amazon, Sony, Nokia and many other tech giants have failed at times.

So in this kind of a situation, it is really commendable and exciting to see a product create a very good buzz in the market. Such a product is always about a solution that people find relatable and practically tangible with their modern lifestyle. There are many annual electronics show organized in different parts of the world for such products to present themselves in the best possible way and analyze the response garnered by the product from the consumers which gives a very precise idea about the scope and possibilities of making a product more desirable. You can find the list of such popular products from the best sellers list of any online store. You can also take benefit of Senheng Voucher to avail exclusive discount offers and get the products at the cheapest prices.

Amongst the latest products, these three have generated the most buzz amongst the consumers.

Smart Display by Lenovo

The Amazon Echo is one of the most renowned successful gadgets in the recent times and Amazon has also tried to cash in by launching more products under the same branding tag i.e. ‘Echo’. While the latest product Echo Show by Amazon may not have been as successful in attracting the consumers, but Lenovo has certainly been successful in creating an impact on the market with its product ‘Smart Display’. It is just a very sleeky and well-designed touch-screen enabled by Google Assistant that works like a charm. In short, you can call it the Amazon Echo with a Screen except the fact that it is actually a product of Lenovo.

Lenovo has clearly gained attention due to its very nicely curated product highlights which captivated on three essential enhancements from the ‘Echo’ viz. the device can stream the videos from Youtube, It has a large touch-enabled display unlike Amazon Echo which completely lacks it, it is much easier to carry due to a compact, sleek and stylish design.

3E Robots by Honda

This is one of the most unique technological concepts that has been presented by the Japanese superbrand Honda. The concept which deals with Robotics is about certain kind of machines designed to perform a specific function which from the onset looks a really useful and pleasant idea. The illusion of a complete Robot which could perform everything under the sun is far from reality and Honda has understood it for the better.

These Robot 3E named devices of different models have been prepared for serving different functions each and these functions don’t tend to be anything beyond science. The company showcased some of its models which have been completed and tested that included a 3E-A18 and 3E-B18 both of which have been assigned with different functions each. The A18 specifically attracted people as it is designed to serve as an empathetic Robot that greets people with a smile whenever it sees them. However, Honda clarified that the Robot can’t show feelings, emotions or a sense of compassion by any mean. Another model which was devised to carry materials within a small distance of an office compound or the same building.

Wall TV by Samsung

Samsung has recently announced its new innovative product which is a 146-inch television and has tentatively named it ‘the Wall’ TV. Samsung claims that this TV is the first of its kind modular TV that can be customized and personalized by the user as per his requirements. This TV essentially allows the user to change the shape and size which makes it a really convenient device for many different kinds of purposes that you could do on a TV screen.

The Wall is prepared with the latest MicroLED technology which is supposedly capable of producing much sharper and deeper colour tones and it is believed that this TV would have an infinite contrast ratio. The TV is yet to be released and Samsung is closely working on this device to be able to launch it at earliest. Samsung has showcased the TV in one of the electronic shows held in Las Vegas but there has been no update thereafter about the release or launch of this epic television.

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