4 Hidden Places To Visit In Malaysia For Those Who Dare To Explore!

Malaysia is one of the major tourist hubs of south-east Asia. There are many incredible tourist destinations which are famous worldwide and almost all the tourists love to visit those places beyond any shred of doubt. And why not, those are amongst some of the most highly rated places for sightseeing on the planet. There are innumerable visitors who come to see those places every year.

But not all people love to think the same way as others do. Many travellers love to visit places which do not draw much attention from tourists but still exhibit some really unique characteristics which are loved by them because they love exploring new places. Such places have a very unique charm that makes them very different from the league of usual places helmed for sightseeing. Away from the noise of crowded tourists, these places offer much more than just usual places of sight. This difference can be historical, geographical, architectural or anything else that is distinguishably unique. If you are planning to visit Malaysia, I have some really cool AirAsiaGo Vouchers to get cheapest travel deal. 

Gunung Telapak Buruk

This mountainous place is situated in the Negri Sembilan state located in the southeastern side from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The aisles of Berembun Forest Reserves contain the scrap of one of the most disastrous wrecks of the B-24 Bomber Aircraft happened during the second world war. This place is at a good height of 1,193 meters above the sea level. This place is relatively unfamiliar for most tourists who visit Malaysia. The reason behind this isolation is the distance between this place and the city of Kuala Lumpur.

This place was relatively unfamiliar to most Malaysian people themselves till the time it was discovered by a local tribe in the year 1961. It takes four hours to reach the place from the main walking trail. One interesting thing noticeable about these wrecks is that they still look well preserved even though not much efforts have been done for this cause.

Sea Dive in Tenggol Island

Malaysia has many sea diving hotspots on its eastern coastline such as Tioman Island, Perhentian Islands, Redang Island from south to north respectively. But there is a lesser-known coastal city of Kuala Dungun located in Tenggol Island which is apparently a gem for divers. The place is not big as it just covers 6 square kilometres.

The tiny, quiet haven is only 3km long and 2km wide, with three small resorts that offer an escape from the droves of tourists at the more popular locations. What makes this place better is the quietness and comfort which can not be expected in other diving spots crowded by tourists. This spot also offers one of the best experience of marine wildlife and coral beds. You can witness a variety of sea creatures including turtles, blue stingrays, the big whale sharks amongst many others.

Unwind on Rawa Island

This is a serene island located in the state of Johor. It is a gem of a place and those who come here get to experience a treat of their lifetime. This island is an unbelievable place where one could do a variety of things. You can choose from a plethora of option that includes diving, kayaking, island hopping, snorkelling, canoeing and much more.

The island offers a very amazing diving experience with abundant marine life to entice you. In fact, most people won’t mind taking a few more dives in order to experience the amazing marine world here. The Sharks are also found here and they are characteristically docile and calm even if they see you watching them.  The eastern part of this island has some old caves which are a great site to visit. The island has few luxury and leisure resorts and a three storey waterslide that offers a sensational ride.

Janda Baik

This is a village located in the state of Pahang known for its lavish greenery. The place is known for its wonderful surrounded rainforests and therefore considered as one of the best sites for eco-tourism. Janda Baik is at a height of 600 meters from the sea levels which gives an ample background of the lush green forest surrounding it. The area lies in tropical regions and therefore receives a very heavy rainfall which can usually occur at any time of the year. The high level of moisture gives the village a unique ‘misty’ layer that can be seen in the early mornings before sunrise. The place has a very optimum temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, ranging anywhere between 20-28 degree Celcius.

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